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Shameless Muscle Update after 3 months of Workout!

Aside from being my personal journal, this blog grows a lot after more than 3 years of publishing articles. If you will notice, I started posting so much about muscle building and healthy lifestyle because that is my life' focus right now.

To have that dream muscle as I say every now and then. Who would have thought that a stick guy like me can build some muscles (little bit) and who would have thought that you can see some results after 3 months of working out? 

I started working-out on March 5, 2014 and finally enrolled myself to the nearby gym/ fitness center.

It's kind of awkward at first because my fear is looking so dumb while using all the gym equipment and other people might laugh at my slim and bony body.

But that never happened. I have a very supportive trainer who helps me a lot and showed me how to use and what's the use of every gym equipment there. After a month, I am following my weekly routine and know how to navigate things out. No brain-er at all!

Last April, I posted something about my before and after gym photos and I was so proud showing my muscles off.

Today, after 3 months, I am going to update you guys what my body looks like now.

gym photo, bony to beastly, gym improvements
My body doesn't look like Daniel Matsunaga's or even James Reid but what I can say is that it improves a lot!!!

While working out, especially if I am focusing on my chest and shoulders, you can really see the bumps pumping and my trainer is acknowledging the fact that I improved a lot.

deej gym experience, gym improvements
My excitement to workout everyday is getting higher! Makes me want to lift more!

gym after 3 months photo
Back and leg workout is what I hate the most because it's just too hard or those are my weak body parts so it's hard for me to force them.
  • Gym Enrollment
  • Be Consistent
  • Lift more
  • Eat more
  • Take food supplements

Gym enrollment is your first step here. Working-out at home feels like very comfy but it's different in an actual gym or fitness center along with people with the same goal as yours. Food supplements can be very expensive but it's worth every penny! Trust me because I am spending 3,000 for my whey protein alone. 

Right now, I am drinking ON Gold Standard with 100% WHEY that I bought in Cash & Carry along Buendia.

It just shows that dreams do come true as long as you work hard for it. Building that dream body cannot be achieved in just 1 week or a month. One year is ideal but it doesn't stop there. Once you started working-out, you cannot ever stop!

So if you are a skinny, bony or stick guy like me, it's not yet late! Start now!

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