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Life Lately: Tarot, Beer Pong and More

Hey you Dreamers! Another Life Lately segment is up because I have been blogging a lot about random stuff lately but of course, I still like to continue blogging about myself and perhaps, this is my semi-personal blog that focused on nothing but myself so yes, I will blog something about seo, reviews and adverts but you can still see some of my adventures here. I know you guys are so intrigue about my life. lol
life lately
Did some tarot card reading session last time and The Wheel came out of nowhere. The Wheel is a major card so the impact of this card in my life is also a major one. Not today but in the future, long term as what they say. It means changes... Opportunities that cannot be missed! Kind of exciting actually.

Crowded SM San Lazaro. This is the nearest mall I can visit during my free time and I always watch movies there. Watched Amazing Spiderman 2 last week and til now, I can't move on about the death of Gwen Stacy! I liked her and Emma as well. I don't like MJ for Spidey!

Beer session with some of my friends. First time to visit Cable Car Bar somewhere in Makati and it was ok. Their main highlight is the Beer Pong Challenge. It's like the one you see on bachelor films where you have to shoot the ball in a beer cup to defeat your enemy. Unfortunately, we lost it and had to drink everything!

Been eating instant food lately. I know it's not good for my diet since I go to gym but I think this is the price of not knowing how to cook any dish. Too bad for me.

How about you Dreamers, how've you been?
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