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Considering Hiko Noselifting Procedure for that Perfect Nose!

Hey you Dreamers! It's me again and I am feeling so productive today! Already written 10 blog entries for several blogs of mine and still pumped up and ready to do more later tonight.

Was watching Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and one of their segments about nose-lifting procedures here in the Philippines caught my attention.

I have been very insecure with my nose since I was in Elementary because some of my classmates were teasing me about it and my insecurities went up to the highest level up until now. I am not being bullied or whatsoever but I guess having that perfect nose is a must since it is the very first part of your face that will be noticed by anyone you will meet.

hiko nose, nosejob

And being a blogger, if you want to be famous, looks can give you an edge. Like my co-bloggers from Singapore, Xiaxue, Qiuqiu, Miyake and Eric Lim ~ one thing they have in common is they have undergone a nosejob operation.

I am considering rhinoplasty and my mom is very supportive about it but tonight while watching KMJS, they featured this non-surgical nose procedure called "HIKO".
HIKO came from a korean word, "HI" means "High" and "KO" means "Nose"... High Nose.

The procedure includes putting threads in your nose bridge to lift it high. According to the patient they interviewed, it doesn't hurt at all and it only took 25 minutes to finish. Amazing and very fast!

The price of HIKO nose procedure in the Philippines is ranging from 25,000 to 30,000. Maybe the disadvantage of Hiko is it only lasts for 1 to 2 years because the threads are being melted inside your nose so you have to repeat the same nose procedure after that period of time.

If you don't like putting threads (depending on your nose type), you can also try undergoing nose fillers. Instead of threads, they will put a collagen in your nose to lift it up. This operation will only last to 7 to 8 months and the price is almost the same as HIKO.

Maybe I will just save up some money for Hiko and will put this on my bucket list. If not this year, maybe next year! 

Will update you guys with this and if you are interested or want to share something about it, feel free to drop some comments below. You can also email me at for other concerns.

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