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7-Eleven Dimasalang Branch is Selling Spoiled Food!!

I am really pissed and disappointed at the same time because of what happened today. I just got home from Glorietta to watch Maleficent in 3D and decided to drop by at the nearest 7-Eleven in my apartment to buy water and something to eat before I sleep.

I was craving for something salty so I decided to buy one of their breakfast meal with spam and egg. I am working in a BPO so don't be confuse about my body clock.

7eleven spoiled food
I bought this spoiled breakfast meal in 7-eleven for 65 pesos and I only ate 2 pieces of salty spam. Cravings for something salty was at least solved but spoiled food? NO WAY!

7 eleven, spoiled food
Can you see the white sticky thing on the rice? I hope you do and the egg is kind of smelly already. I accidentally ate a little bit and the taste is still in my mouth although I drank whey and gargled already. This is really disappointing 7-Eleven!

I think I will stop buying stuff in that store for now or won't buy preserved food in the meantime. 

To 7-eleven management in Dimasalang/ Retiro area, I hope one of you guys can read this so you can do something about it. Why are you still selling these spoiled food? If my memory still serves me right, there are 4 breakfast meal available now and it might be bought later. I can't imagine what will happen if all four will be sold. You guys are greedy and disgusting!!

I will just sleep this off. Good night Dreamers!
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