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Whey Powdered Protein in Cash & Carry Mall Buendia

I am really focused on my goal in building my dream body not that I have invested a lot of money, time and energy to it already. I even spend my extra time in the gym even though I have something else to do so as of right now, there is no backing out! I will finish what I have started 2 months ago.

Building muscle is not just about eating proper food and lifting weights, if you want faster result, taking in food supplements is also essential.

Last month, I bought a not-so-cheap 2 pound whey protein somewhere in Caloocan City and it did not even last for a month! It did work as I gained 5 more pounds and my appetite increased a lot! Now, I can eat 3-4 rice in Mang Inasal! lol Funny but true.

Read my recent update about the Before and After gym photos.

If you are looking for a place around the metro where you can find the best whey protein and other food supplements we need in building muscles for a cheaper price, you must visit Cash & Carry mall in Buendia.

I have read a lot of blog entries about the place already so I decided to give it a try last Saturday.

whey protein buendia cash and carry
I already bought Gold Standard Whey 5 pounds for 2,900 pesos. The one on the right side is the 2 pounds that I bought in Victory Mall for 1,900 pesos. Just a tip, buy 5 lbs because it is much practical than having the 2lbs that won't even last for a month.

anselka, cheap whey protein
Anselka's ~ This is where I bought my 5-pounds whey powdered protein. The guys here are all buff and they really know what they are selling! Kudos peeps!

tia loleng buendia cash and carry
Tia Loleng's General Merchandise ~ This is where I supposed to buy but their staff are all rude and they treated me like sh*t when I was in there. Let me tell you what happened why I did not buy and do not recommend this store to you guys.

Let's admit it, bloggers like taking photos all the time for blogging purposes (documenting things out). So everytime I buy something, I make sure to take photos of it before buying it. And I asked my friend to take a photo of me buying the item (5lbs whey protein worth 2,900).

Suddenly, one of the staff shouted "Hey, don't take photos here! It's not allowed", then I said, "Even though I am gonna buy it?". One of the staff again said "Then buy it first!" then added "Buy it first then take photos at home!". I felt embarrassed although there were only 3 customers in there during that time

So what I did, I asked my friends who were busy buying chocolates to go out of the store and check out other ones, that is how we found Anselka's.

We also looked some warning signs saying that picture taking is prohibited in the store but we did not see anything!

So to those staff who were actually rude and treated me so badly, please put some sort of a warning sign so it won't happen again.


So Dreamers, if you are going to buy whey protein in Cash & Carry, DO NOT BUY IN TIA LOLENG'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE STORE

Do you want to buy something from rude people? I guess not.

gym photo before and after
By the way, it's me. I hope you can still remember my face. The guy you treated so badly on a hot summer afternoon! 

Bye now muscle builders! Til next time!
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