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Tia Loleng's General Merchandise's Rude Staff

Have you visited Tia Loleng's General Merchandise in Cash and Carry Mall in Buendia before? If you are looking for cheap whey proteins then you probably visited or even passed by at this store.

The reason why I am posting this is to let people know how rude the staff of the store are. I am also an employee and I make sure that I give quality service to my clients even though I am not in a good mood sometimes, I just have to fake it because I need to or else, they might give me an unsatisfactory rate.

So today, I am giving Tia Loleng's General Merchandise a thumbs down and ten more thumbs down to all their staff because payback is a bitch!

I believe that if you are working in Sales Industry where you have to talk to customers in order to sell things, you must be really friendly and courteous but the staff of this Tia Loleng are below average.

By now, you must be really curious about what happened so I advise you to read my entry about what happened here.

Open Letter to Tia Loleng's Rude Employees.

Hello people. Probably you are reading it by now because someone told you that they have read an article about you guys somewhere on Google. 
It's just me. The guy that you treated so badly last Saturday afternoon. I was about to buy a 5-pounds whey protein to you guys but you offended and embarrassed me at the same time so because of that, I make sure to give you guys in return!
Payback is a bitch as they say. 
If you cannot treat your customers well, better quit your jobs right now because it's not working and you are giving Tia Loleng's General Merchandise a very bad name.
Guess what, you just lost a prospective long time customer and I will make sure that my readers also do the same.
Sincerely yours,
Deej the Dreamcatcher.

So guys, if you are looking for cheap whey protein in Cash & Carry mall along Buendia, go to ANSELKA'S instead. Don't worry because the prices are just the same. It's just a matter of the quality of service you will get from the staff.

P/S This post is not sponsored. Everything is 100%  mine!
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