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Psychic Mode: Free Tarot Card Readings

free tarot card reading online
Reading tarot cards is one of my hobbies because ever since I was a little kid, I enjoy watching paranormal shows like Verum Est on channel 2. I was fascinated the way they walk around and see something the camera and the audience don't see at all. For normal people, it's a waste of time but for believers of the paranormal, it's a different story.

I bought my tarot cards way back in 2011 and used it when I was in college. My friends told me that it was pretty accurate or they just want to make me feel confident reading tarot. Very supportive! lol

I bought Tarot of 78 Doors and like it so much! It compliments my personality and I feel connected with all my cards especially those major ones.

Last month, I took sometime reading my Aunt using my tarot and it was the most accurate tarot card reading I have had. She was impressed of course.

So now, I decided to offer my tarot card reading gift for free. Take note that I never read someone online or without seeing them personally so it's trial and error. 

Send me an email @ deejblogs at gmail dot com and please tell me your complete name so I can try to channel you and do some reading. My cards can tell you your hidden past, present and what future has to offer.

This is for believers only. 

P/S I am kind of busy with work and gym so I will do my best to respond as soon as possible to you. And DO NOT SEND ME YOUR DETAILS THRU THE COMMENT BOX BELOW FOR SECURITY PURPOSES
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