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My Before and After Gym Photos and some Tips

I was about to post another "Life Lately" segment, unfortunately I am not in mood of editing bunch of photos saved in my phone. Maybe tomorrow though.

For today, I will be posting some updated photos of my body after working out for almost 2 months now. If you are new here, I decided to be a member of Reaxion Fitness Center near my area last month.

Luckily, I met this uber nice trainer who is very patient in spotting me every time I over-lift during my last set. Anyway, this is the before and after photo of me.

gym photo, before and after, gym experience

I really do hope that you are seeing the improvements I have had.

I can't say that I have achieved the body that I desire but somehow, I know that I am getting there. A little push, patience and hard work and I will get there for sure!

My friends especially my very supportive mom said that I am getting fatter or I must say, getting bigger. I am not sure if those compliments were true but somehow, it builds my confidence and determination up to the next level.

Summer is not yet over. I still have time. lol!

Anyway, enjoy these before and after gym photo of mine I took a while back. Thanks to my very supportive friends who are willing to be my photographer. ;)

gym photo before and after
Big Word and I agree!
2 months gym photos
I am wearing my backpack again because I like flexing those gigantic baby muscles! lol! Not bad for 2 months gym achievement for a bony guy like me.

Let me share these helpful tips in building muscles for people like me who has an ectomorph kind of body.

My Very Own Bony To Beastly Muscle Guide for Slim Guys!

  • Apply for a gym membership. 
  • Be consistent. (Atleast 4-5 days per week)
  • EAT A LOT!
  • Carbo and Protein overload is a must!
  • Buy and take supplements like whey protein.
  • Lift heavy equipment.
  • Push yourself to limits every gym session!
I will write a separate entry for this so I can elaborate everything I pointed out. In the meantime, I will sleep again because I am already tired. Been blogging for 3 hours now. 

Ciao everyone! 
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