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Life Lately: Summer Fever 2014

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Hey Dreamers! Another quickie update because I miss blogging here  and I am having a very busy schedule during weekdays. It's not about at work but I just need to prioritize things like I need to go to gym after work then sleep for 7 to 8 hours everyday so I don't really blog during weekdays. Work for 8 hours, workout for 2 hours then sleep. That's my life for 5 days! 

Here's another LIFE LATELY post. 
  • Cheers to my very first whey powdered protein. I am noticing some improvements with my chest and arms. Not counting the days I go to gym, I will just wait for that dreamy summer body I am aiming for.
  • Wrist watch I received from SammyDress. They are the first blog shop who contacted me for an accessory sponsor in response to this post when I was looking for some blog shops to promote.
  • Say hello to the cutesie licker bunny I found in a petshop somewhere in Victory Mall, Caloocan City.
  • My saviour for hot summer days ~ Selecta Mrs. Fields ice cream. Yum!
  • Bought a book a while ago "The Mammoth Book of Terror" while waiting for the filming of Captain America in SM San Lazaro.
  • Finally, my dinner for tonight. Too bad they don't have McSpicy anymore. 
How about you, how's life lately?
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