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Great OOTD Items from SammyDress

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Whenever I go, I always want to wear the best pair of clothes that I have in my closet especially if there is a special occasion or even when I go to the supermarket to buy some things and my bunny's food, I still want to look presentable. 

Capturing OOTD's or Outfit of the Day is another thing of mine but now, I am not able to do it because I am kind of shy to ask people to get a photo of me in public especially if they are not into it. Not unless I am with Kissie who is also a fashion blogger who loves taking selfie and OOTD's just like me.

1. Cool long sleeve for my semi-formal outfits. Perfect for cold weathers or even at work since our workplace is the coldest place in Makati!

2. Hoodie that will fit for movie days and some other hangouts at the mall.

3. Pray for Paris tee-shirt. I seldom wear t-shirts but when I do, I always get compliments just like the other day at the office, some of my mates said that it was the first time they saw me wearing a simple shirt. lol!

4. Korean inspired pants for fitness sessions like jog at the park or even work out at the gym

If you want to be my friend so we could go out and take bunch of awesome selfies and OOTD's, feel free to contact me. lol! It would be a big plus if you have great camera and photography skills. I might even pay you to take photo of mine or treat you in Starbucks. lmao! 

Anyway, if you are running out of clothes just like me, you can always visit SAMMYDress. They are a global online fashion retail company that offers millions of items for their online customers. They are also a supplier of Wedding Dresses and Wedding Accessories, Special Occasion Dresses and Accessories, Casual Dresses, Women's Clothing, Cosplay Costumes, Intimate Lingerie, Men and Women's Shoes, Wigs, Fashion Jewelry, Bags and Accessories, Home & Living, Men's clothing, Children's Toys, Shoes, Lifestyle Products and many more great items.

Technically, they have it all for you!

Since they are the online craze now and I am reading a lot of good reviews from fashion bloggers all over the world, I tried buying one of their watches.

sammydress watch, blog shop accessories
My very own Oulm Military Men's Watch with 3-Movt Quartz Dial Black 24mm Leather Watchband

What I love about this watch is it is a D-shaped and D is for Deej and Dreamcatcher so I chose this one! ha ha!

By the way, this is for only $13.00 (original price is $22.25). Take note that SAMMYDress ships in 24 hours worldwide! Cool huh! They also have a separate section for free shipping items and whatnot.

So what are you waiting for? Go to SAMMYDRESS.COM now and start your online shopping!!!
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