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Free Mac Address for Globe and Smart Users 2014

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Sharing you guys a geeky side of me.I know I don't look like a geeky type of guy but just so you know, I am a graduate of Information Technology and familiar with some geeky stuff such as setting up a desktop and some networking stuff although I don't practice it anymore with my current job, I still enjoy reading about IT related articles.

I am fascinated with how computer works and also tweaking my PC is one of my hobbies at home. One of them is changing my mac address.

I will not educate you about MAC addresses because I am pretty sure you are here because you searched for it on Google.

On my other blogs, one of my most read topics is all about this so I decided to make a segment here on my blog for monetary purposes.

There are thousands of people from all over the world are looking for free mac address especially those Globe and Smart users for them to get unlimited internet.

The trick goes like this, we are going to change your PC's mac address so we can have unlimited and fast internet connection without getting capped or under fair use policy/ FUP. 

I will look for some premium macs for you to use but in the meantime, visit this for some updated mac this April of 2014.

I will also try to put a premium mac generator for smart and globe subscribers so this page will be your one stop landing  source for that free internet. And by the way, let us all say to NO TO FUP!!

You can also try searching for the same keyword on pinoy forum sites because I am telling you, there are lots of real geeks out there sharing their tips and tricks that actually work!
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