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The Not-so-Cheap Whey Protein I Bought in Caloocan

My muscle-building and gaining weight project for my dream summer body is getting to the next level as I visit gym regularly with 1 to 2 rest days every week depending on my work schedule.

Today, I just bought myself a Whey Powdered Protein. I bought the one with Elite Series (Six Star Pro Nutrition) from the maker of Muscletech which is America's #1 Bestselling Body Building Supplement Brand!

whey protein, elite series, cheap whey protein
Don't mind my weird looking hand just like in the walking dead... Too stiff. lol
They said that you can buy the cheapest whey protein in Cash and Carry mall along Buendia, Makati and I have also read some blog entries about the place but it's too far from me, I decided to buy one in Victory Mall, Caloocan City because I always see the store whenever I visit my dentist every month.

whey protein store, victory mall
The mini store where I bought my whey protein. You can see it near the exit gate of Victory Mall, Caloocan in front of BDO ATM and Watsons.

By the way, this is a 2 pound whey that I bought for 1,900 pesos. Not that cheap huh!

fake whey protein
My whey protein is not full! Is this normal? Why do I feel cheated?
Photo when I just opened it and did not use yet. It's so not full and I feel so cheated!!! Why oh why?


Okay, enough with the story and let's proceed with the review.

So the whey protein that I bought has 60 grams of premium proteins per 2 scoops and according to the saleslady, this is the best seller so I decided to try it out.

It also has triple chocolate natural and artificial flavor so it tastes really good just like Ovaltine and Milo.

According to the label, drink this whey between major meals and before and after workout so my calculation is saying that this will only last for a month! Oh no, another 1,900 pesos debited to my car savings every month! Oh god, why am I not rich yet?

Let us see the effect of this drink to my body. Right now, after drinking, I feel so full and sleepy but I can't sleep because I have so many blogging stuff to do first.

Can't wait to gain more pounds and build hard and huge muscles! 

Have you tried this Whey Protein already? Do share your experiences and reviews about it here.

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