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LIFE LATELY: Muscle boy

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Lol! What a blog title. I can't stop smiling. Muscle boy. ha ha! It's been so long since I last posted something about my life lately and if I can still remember it correctly, it was a lame post indeed.

Anyway, my life lately revolves at the gym just in front of my place here in Manila so it's pretty convenient for me to go there after long hours of working in Makati. 

Photo #1. Pizza from Greenwich. My dinner for tonight. Was not able to finish eating all of them because I am all alone. Can you dine with me next time? 

Photo #2. Selfie pic while at the gym working out some muscles! Kind of awkward to take some pics in the gym so I just got lucky to be alone for a while.

Photo #3. My lunch the other day. Actually, I am having 2 lunch meals per day, before and after my gym session. Gaining weight is really hard for an ectomorph like me! Argh!

Photo #4. Leg selfie during my 72 second break while lifting a dumbbell. lol!

Finally, I survived my first week at the gym and according to my trainer, my training program will be tougher and I think we will add some repetitions or sets. I AM READY!!! BRING IT ON!

I also stumbled upon this website called bonytobeastly, it is owned by 2 ectomorphs or slim or bony guys who decided to take a big leap in their lives and they created this program for guys like them. So far, I am seeing a lot of good feedbacks but the problem is, it is not for free. I need to save up $197 for me to get their secret program! I tried to search for some pdf downloadable files from several forums but I couldn't find one. Oh well. In times like this, all I can trust is my gym trainer. 

Til next time guys! Don't forget to read my gym diaries for some updates with my sexy bod! lmao! #HowIWish
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