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Gym Diary: I Survived Week 1!

gym diary, bony to beastly, slim gym workout
Building some muscles to have the perfect or at least a beach body this coming summer 2014 is not a joke! And for me to be able to acquire some quick improvements, I decided to go to gym for 6 straight days with only 1 rest day for my muscles to recover from hard work.

Luckily, my gym trainer is really doing his job and created this program for me to follow alternatively. Technically, each day I am focusing on certain part of my body and the workout program is perfect for bony or slim guys just like me.

I am starting to lift the lightest dumbbells and continue to add up some if I feel that it's getting easy for me to lift them and for barbel, I am now lifting 15 pounds I guess. I started lifting 5 btw then added another 2.5 yesterday. #improvement

As for my diet, I am not following any kinds of food combos since Iam not really losing weight, I am trying to gain weight! Lots of them! So my goal is to be a pig and eat more nand more each day. But still, I am increasing my protein and carbohydrates for my muscle buildup.

Maybe I will also start eating lots of egg and the guy at the gym said that he is eating 6 boiled eggs everyday (without the yellow part) so I think I must also do it. Also, I am searching for the most effective whey protein powder for slim type guys that will add some fats that will be converted to muscles because as of right now, I am still thin and I think for my body type, it's gonna be hard for me to build some muscles if there is nothing to build up.

Do you know some whey protein brands here in the Philippines? I mean the trusted one because there are lots of them in the market and I don't know what to buy anymore. I don't want to buy some cheap whey proteins there that won't do any good.

gym diaries, bony to beastly result
My body after DAY 7 of working out. It's not that much but I am seeing some improvements with my arms because if you will notice, there is a small bump over there which was not there before I started working out. Proud guy here!!! :D And can you see those veins??? lmao!

What I don't understand is my body is so awesome during my workout session because you can really see those bumps and cuts but after that of when I am at the office, it is like everything is going back to plain normal. It's like where are mu muscles when I need them the most? 

For this muscle project, I am giving myself 3 months for some results and I hope I can buy whey protein by next week so I can see some fast result.

Will give you some updates or you can follow me on my Instagram (@deejtheblogger) where I post some random gym stuff. 

If you are along Dimasalang area or near the area, you can enroll to REAXION FITNESS CENTER at the RV Marzan Building along Dimasalang Road. You can see me there lifting some weights, just say hi and be my gym buddy.

Bye for now! :D
~Deej the Bodybuilder aka the Dreamcatcher~

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