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Gym Diary: Heavy Arms and Gym Outfit for Guys

gym diary, reaxion fitness center
Hello Dreamers! I don't know why I am here posting another entry the fact that I just had my first gym session a while ago and some parts of my body are aching. 

I just enrolled to Reaxion Fitness Center in RV Marzan Building along Dimasalang Road for only 1,000 pesos for 1 month membership. That includes a free briefing from one of their trainers but I can say that the trainer they have today is not helpful at all.

During my warm-up where I need to bend some joints, he did not even guide me on how to do the steps rather, he just pointed out the illustrations on the board and said, "Read and follow them". I know there are illustrations already but that was the first time I saw those and I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO AT ALL!

I approached him and admitted that I was not able to do some of the stretching activities because they are just so hard to understand. He said that's fine and proceeded with a cardio warm-up -- the thread-mill. 

I had fun using the thread-mill and I even increased up the speed because it was kind of boring but after 10 minutes when I stopped running, I felt a little bit dizzy so I rested up a bit.

My trainer taught me how to use each equipment and we focused on my chest, shoulder, back, abs and legs. Well it was not really that tiring but I can already feel that my arms are kind of heavy and I can't even scratch my head.

What's intimidating as well was people there were looking at me and I must say that they really have a good shape already but somehow, I feel bad about my body and can't help myself not to compare. The lady at the gym cashier told me that they also have slim customers who gained weights and muscles eventually and what's inspiring is, those people were more thin and slim than me! Hallelujah! There is still hope.


I am also looking for some cool outfit when I go to the gym because I think that I am going to be more inspired to work out  if I look good while doing it.

A while ago, I just wore an Adidas shorts, plain tee-shirt and a running shoes-- Nothing good.

gym outfit for guys
Soon I will wear this kind of outfit but now, I will stick with plain gym attires.

Aside from going to gym, I am also planning to jog in Luneta every night. And I guess this is it for a healthy 2014!

I hope I can keep this up because it's very natural for me not to finish what I have started. Wish me luck.

So tired and my shoulder is really heavy. See you soon Dreamers! Cheers for a healthy lifestyle!

image source 1 and source 2 from David G's blog.

~Deej the Dreamcatcher~
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