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Finally enrolling myself at a gym!

Hey you guys! Thanks for visiting my blog although I am not updating it much often because I already cancelled my internet plan subscription from Smart Communications because they simply suck and not that smart at all... not a smart choice either! Thank god I still have this very reliable prepaid broadband stick from Globe that I am using as of the moment.

Well anyway, don't expect too much from me this coming weeks because I am going to be busy with some things and of course, I finally enrolled myself to a gym right across my place so it's more convenient for me to work out after work.

I enrolled to REAXION FITNESS CENTER somewhere in Dimasalang road so if you want to be my gym buddy, feel free to send me an email! 

Right now, I am looking for a gym buddy because I tried doing it alone before and it is kind of sad and boring and I also have this slim fit body so it's kind of awkward for me to go at the gym alone because it's intimidating to see other guys lifting heavy equipment already. I am just paranoid you know.

This is just a quickie post because I don't have enough sleep yet and I had few bottles of beer a while ago so I really need to take some rest now but I also have to update 2 of my major blogs.

I will also take my body photos before and after I enroll at the gym so I will have my gym diary because I just love putting things in a journal like this online blog. It's like one day, when I am already old like 70 years old  and have grandchildren already, I will visit and re-read my entries and feel young again. Know what I mean?

I guess this is it for tonight. I just want to tell you guys that I am gonna be busy building up some muscles and let's see how far can I go from here. 

Ciao everyone! 
~Deej the Dreamcatcher~
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