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Day 2 at Reaxion Fitness Center!

gym diary, reaxion fitness center dimasalang
Hey Dreamers and Gym Buffs! I just want to update you about my gym experience and today is my second day at Reaxion Fitness Center.

Yesterday, I was so clueless about what to do and all the equipment are overwhelming for a gym virgin like me. But if you'll come to think of it, everything is just a piece of cake. Controlling those gym equipment is not like you are programming using JAVA as a language (geeky mode on accidentally). Just don't over-think it. Just sit on it and everything will follow! 

Oh and btw, this is my Day 2 post so mind as well ready my first day at the gym entry. Yesterday, we focused on my chest, shoulders and abs. Today, we focused on my back and leg which was really tiring and when it comes to my 30 minute warm up which was biking, I felt like my legs were kind of numb and heavy. Being a buff needs tons of effort! I salute those people who spend most of their time working out.

Just a tip, EAT HEAVY MEAL before you go to gym because if you don't, you might passed out! 

My Trainer is making me familiar with all the equipment they have but of course we are following a certain program for my body type and so far, everything is great! 

And looking at those guys and gals who have great body don't insecure me at all. All I need is to focus and wait. I WILL GET THERE!

deej's gym diary

Skinny me. Argh! What a pathetic body I am in! lol!

Kidding aside, I think this is it. I am transitioning to something new and I can feel it. I can feel the pain but this is a good pain. It means that something is happening and all I need is CONSISTENCY.

If you are looking for a gym buddy, hit me up! Dimasalang area only. And please, don't be weird! I tried to look for a gym bud in WeChat but there were some people asking me weird stuff like how tall I am and so on and that creeps me out! So please don't be weird!!!

I will update you from time to time so don't forget to bookmark my blog.

Ciao for now!

~Deej the Dreamcatcher~
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