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Cartimar Recto: Haven for Shoe Lovers

cartimar recto, cheap shoes
Getting a good pair of shoes when jogging or going to gym while doing intense workout is a must. That's what I learned from my friend who in the process of "insanity program" and the main objective is to lose weight.

Speaking of a good pair of running shoes, but don't have much money to spend for it, well good news because I have something to share with you. 

If you have been reading my blog, I have been featuring some of my "great finds". Usually it has something to do with clothing, accessories and some useful things and one of my most successful project is my teeth braces

I think I already featured Cartimar Shopping Center already where you can spot Class A cheap shoes.

Again, this is perfect for guys and gals who are into sport but tight in budget to buy an original shoe from Nike, Adidas or other fancy brands out there.

cartimar shoes recto
I went here early in the morning around 10 am so most of the stores were still closed. This is located in Recto Manila by the way.

Since I started going to the gym in front of my place here in Manila, I was looking for something simple that I can use for an intense workout. A pair of shoe that is not really an eye-catching because I know that there are people who can spot the difference between an original item to a fake one.

So I bought this.

class a nike air max blue cartimar
I am not really into shoes like this because I am not a sporty kind of guy. What I know is it feels good for my feet and it's color blue so I instantly liked it. Bought this for only 900 pesos!

cheal nike shoes
This is a shoe for girls who loves sports! My Aunt who were with me bought her own pair of shoe for the same price. It's a pink one but unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of it. Maybe next time during our jogging session.

So if you are looking for Class A shoes that are really the cheapest, check out Cartimar Recto Manila now!
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