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Apartment Living: Small Room Ideas to Make it Bigger

small room ideas, apartment living
Another thing that I just discovered doing without noticing is searching for some ideas on how to make my small room look bigger, cleaner and presentable when I am taking some selfie shots or make it look relaxing so I can blog more just by looking at the four corners of my room.

So instead of keeping these small room ideas on my desktop, I decided to do some segment about this new hobby of mine to you guys and I hope this will help you in decorating your small rooms.

I also found out that there are lots of people right now searching for some info about this here in the Philippines and majority of my readers  are Filipinos so I guess this would really help them in some way.

small room idea black and white

Black and White inspired for guys and for those who like it simple yet stunning. Wooden floor and white-painted walls are the best way to start this kind of room idea. This is perfect for students or bloggers like me who stay at home and do some research most of the time. 

vintage, floral, room idea, small room, apartment
Floral and Vintage for ladies out there. White-painted walls, floral, floral and more floral. Make sure to stick with 2 or 3 color motif to achieve this scene (vintage colors ideally). 

small room ideas, modern look,
Modern inspiration for a small room like this is very ideal for most of us. But this idea can cost us big time but if you have enough money in decorating your small room, well it is up to you. I think putting real-life plants add up some spice and somehow make everything relaxing and fresh. This kind of room makes you want to stay in and doesn't want to go out anymore! Inviting it is.

small room inspiration, attic room ideas
Attic room inspired is my favorite! This doesn't look complicated and pricey. Invest with white paint for everything and few furniture to add some spice. Plants like roses or cactus can also do some magic here. 

modern small room idea for guys
A modern black and white inspiration for guys out there is I would like to try out if I have enough money for this. Very minimal and very manly as well


I think the first you have to do in re-decorating your room is by painting it all white as it makes your small room very spacious and neat at the same time. I don't know why I painted mine blue. 

But of course, make sure that you are willing to spend money for some equipment and furniture like a sofa, carpet, painting or even study table to add something to your small room makeover.

I haven't re-decorated my room yet but I will soon. Give me some time and save more money and this will be a blast.

Expect more posts about my Apartment Living segment. 

P.S. For reference, you can visit this link for more 40 Small Bedrooms Ideas To Make it Bigger and Better. It features 40 photos for your inspirations including few of what I have posted here!

-Deej the Dreamcatcher-
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