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To-Do Lists: Accomplishments

to do list accomplishments

Today is the last day of my rest day so before I go on a work mode for 5 straight days, I decided to evaluate the things I posted on my sticky note before my off and see if I did all of them.

1. Blog Projects
  • How To's - I have posted one the other day but was not able to post a follow-up. Read my first how to post as a part of my #NuffnangProject.
  • Project Nuffnang - Well, this is going to be a long journey for me because there are thousands of awesome bloggers out there wanting to be featured by Nuffnang but it's myultimate dream in my blogging career so I will reach it no matter what! See you on top, Dreamers! *wink*
  • Minimalist Layout - I think my layout is not that minimal because of the ads and I am thinking of some ways howto make it minimalist without affecting my earnings. My inspiration as of the moment are the designs of Blog Milk Shop. They create cool minimalist templates!
2. Fix wifi at home - This is notyet done because I messed up the Network and Sharing setting of my laptop. Now, I cannot turn on my firewall and not able to share my internet connection to my android phones as well. Ad-hoc issue I guess. And the fact that my internet connection is unstable, thanks to Smart Communications!

3. Facial - Special thanks to Gladys of Facial Plus, Victory Mall branch for taking good care of my face. She is new I guess but she has this bubbly personality that makes me smile during our facial session. She also removed milia on my right ear and chin. Not really painful.

4. Nails - Finally, removing in-grown nails are the most satisfying feeling ever! Thanks to the parlor right across the street for taking good care of my nails. Unlike other pedicure/manicure sessions I have had in the past, this is different because they remove what they have to remove without blood!

There, I accomplished 90% of my to-do list this week and it feels so great! I am now ready to work, work and work and earn lots of money!

What about you? Do you accomplish your to do lists?

image on top is credited to jpatrickphoto on Flickr
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