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The Best Instant Japanese Ramen

Hello Dreamers! Sorry for the lack of updates. Been so busy with my technology blog and I need to write quality entries there to be indexed by google plus there is no fun happenings lately.

Anyway, I just want to share you guys what I just discovered while buying stuff in 7-eleven.

There are times that I really crave for Ramen, well any kind of Ramen will do because I just want to eat something Japanese and spicy. Even Jjampong will do sometimes. 

But most of the time, it's so hard for me to get out of my room and dine in a ramen house just like Kissie and I did a few moons back.

Good thing is I discovered this delicious instant ramen but doesn't taste like one.

instant ramen in 7-eleven

I don't have it's name because it's in Japanese I guess but you can buy this at 7-eleven. Just look for this pork potato ramen in their noodle section along with the local ones.

instant ramen noodle
ramen instant noodles
It's amazing to see big chunks of vegetable toppings.

Well, this is not really an instant noodle where you can just pour a boiling water and wait for 5 minutes to cook up rather, you have to cook it in stove for better result. They offer instant ramen in a bowl but it's more expensive.

I bought this for like 32 pesos and the one in bowl is like 80 pesos.

And the result is this...

instant japanese noodle
Drooling now.

If you are just like me who always crave for Ramen, you must try this and go to the nearest 7-eleven store now!

*This is not a sponsored review.
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