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Project Nuffnang Continues!

nuffnang philippines featured blogger
Hey guys! I know you have been dying to see my latest entry about my #ProjectNuffnang and I can feel it deep in my soul! You might think that I am a psychic but the truth is, I just don't have something to post so I decided to update you guys the status of this project.

For newbies, the objective of Project Nuffnang is for me to be noticed and of course have my own slot on their featured blogger every month. Why? Because that would be awesome and that will also give me wide range of readers and clients as well. To know more about this, read my blog post about how to be a featured blogger on Nuffnang Philippines.

As of today, my first post about this project is one of the most read articles in a weekly basis. It only means that there are people who are interested in becoming America's Next Top Model... No, I mean the next featured blogger of Nuffnang and that what makes me decided to post a followup entry about it. Genius!

With the help of my awesome writing skills, humor and knowledge in SEO and most of all, self confidence to the 10th power, I will succeed!

Btw, I already emailed Thei from Nuffnang Philippines (NP) about my intention and currently waiting for their respond. FAIL moment was I emailed their technical team and they replied ASAP just to tell me that I posted my question in a wrong section of their website. They just gave me the email of the person in charge in choosing the next lucky blogger who will be featured.

I know this project may look desperate because Nuffnang Philippines' way of choosing their affiliate blogger is based on popularity unlike Nuffnang Malaysia where they choose random bloggers.

Remember when NP featured these local celebrities before? Saab Magalona (Feb 2011), Divine Lee (Mar 2012), Victor Basa (Dec 2012). Somehow it made me think that it's kind of impossible to become one of them because I don't have thousands of followers. My readers are coming from different search engines that I don't know personally and they don't know me either. They read my blog because they want to know something unlike those local celebs where they have direct number of followers who visit their blog religiously just to check what and where they eat.

Dream big! That's what I am doing now. There is a chance of losing but at least I tried. It's only February, there are still 10 months to go!

Next post will be another How To's in blogging and I might feature some cool bloggers (non celeb) on my blog.

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