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Life Lately: Summer and Pocket Wifi's

life lately, summer 2014, pocket wifi's
Oh hey Dreamers! It's me again with an all new entry about my life lately. I think this is going to be the the third entry about the same thing and I just like doing this because in times like this, it's either I can think of a better topic to focus on or there are so many things going on now in my life.

I think things are falling in to places. Although my life at work is kind of stressful, I still manage to crack jokes with my new teammates and we really get a long together. And the fact that we are performing really good so we get lots of incentives and of course, we will be having an awesome schedule next quarter (our choice). But still, there is this thing in my heart aiming for a regular job; regular start and end of shift, no graveyard shift, yes to holidays! Oh god, BPO is stressing me out!

By the way, I can feel the summer already. The heat during day time and that dry and humid breeze during night time and I don't appreciate it! I mean it's already crowded here in Manila and I can't imagine myself riding LRT and MRT in mid-summer! I think I am gonna die.

Another thing that keeps me busy this past few weeks is this pocket wifi's being offered by Globe and Sun Cellular.

You all know already that I am paying 999 pesos for an unlimited internet courtesy of SmartBro and PLDT unfortunately, I am not impressed with the service they are providing to me as of the moment and I am planning to drop the contract already. I mean their Fair Usage Policy is such a bummer!

Right now, I am planning to get a plan from Globe Broadband for 999 pesos every month, pocket wifi and a tablet of my choice. 

I tried to visit the facebook page of Globe but 80% of comments there are against their offer and there are lots of people saying awful things about their service as well.

But i also remembered the service I got from Sun Postpaid in the past where I blog my disgust about their service here

Tell me, am I being picky or what?

Anyway, let me ask you this, what is the most reliable pocket wifi that you have tried already? Globe, Sun or Smart's? 

P/S Based on what I have read from forums, there is also a fair usage policy for this pocket wifi's  and that sucks big time!

Well, I am still weighing things out before I cancel my service from Smart because it's hard to pay for the cancellation fee without a backup internet. I hope I can decide before the month ends because I am planning to go on a trip this summer and a pocket wifi is indeed a must!

How about you? How's life lately? 
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