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Life Lately: No Life at all

life lately, sakura, cherry blossoms
Hey you Dreamers! The time now is 12 in the midnight and out of nothing, I decided to write another entry. Second version of my Life Lately segment where I just update you guys about what's going on with my life lately. Errr, redundant. 

I guess, life lately for me was okay. It's like I am the "Hanged Man" in a set of Tarot cards.I am living in a repetitive life and somehow, I am okay with it. I am very safe and everything is under my control so I think it is in a good way after all.

Life at work is great. I am getting used to a lot of changes and I can take care of my performance. You know, working in a BPO industry is just like that. Every second counts so make the most out of everything. I am doing everything I could but not aiming for anything but according to my 2014 zodiac, a promotion is guaranteed for me this year. Who knows?

Personal life is okay. Trying to do more things every now and then with the help of my handy dandy post it notes where I write everything I want to do in a day. It's  like scheduling everything because If I don't do that, I end up being so unproductive during my rest days. And I can't still imagine myself living on my own like working for my rent and something like that. Doing things I did for the first time like paying my own bills, planning what to eat for dinner, budgeting and stuff. Oh god, this is so hard!

Blogging life is gonna be awesome! I am receiving emails from advertisers but most of them are being declined because (1) The products being offered are not worth blogging for, (2) The rates are very low like come on people, a blog post for $5.00, are you kidding me? and finally, (3) Not a win-win situation, I don't write for free unless both of us will be benefited, know what I mean?

I am also receiving emails asking how to make a blog or how to earn money in blogging and how much do I earn from my blog. Figure it out yourself. 

I also have this #ProjectNuffnang where I post some things about blogging tips and its main goal is to be noticed by our Nuffnang peeps so they can feature me as one of their awesome bloggers!

Well, my goal is to get my own slot in their featured blogger, I have been blogging for almost 4 years now and I think I deserve a spot over there. So follow me with this project and let's see if I will succeed. 

Lovelife. Nevermind. Lol!

So that's it for today, Time now is 12:49 and my eyes are kind of tired already. Will hit the bed for now. Goodnight Dreamers! 

P/S Beautiful cherry blossom image is credited to Shutterski

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