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How to be a Featured Blogger on Nuffnang Philippines?

project nuffnang philippines
That is a huge question in my mind right now. "How to be a featured blogger on Nuffnang Philippines?". Sometimes, I hate to admit that I have been blogging for like 4 years now from different blogging platforms.

I started blogging in Wordpress (it's a tagalog blog inspired by Bob Ong) then I moved out when I know that we can earn money for blogging unfortunately, Wordpress don't encourage paid posts unless you have your own domain.

Luckily, I found Blogspot and I have been blogging under their management for a very long time now. And my domain is from btw.

So yes, I have been blogging for 4 years now but still, Nuffnang is not yet featuring me as one of their coolest bloggers.

All in all, I have 15 blogs in my blogger dashboard but I am only updating 3 of them. An SEO, entertainment and of course, this lifestyle/ personal blog.

I know that I am not the hottest, cutest, richest or most handsome blogger in the Philippines. I am not a son of a celebrity nor related to any of them but I know SEO. Well, not really a big thing but is very helpful for bloggers who want traffic to their blog.

In fact, my entertainment blog is having thousands of visitors everyday and believe it or not, it is also trending in twitter and Facebook. All thanks to the power of SEO!

So the question now is, how to be featured on Nuffnang?

I took time to scan all of the featured bloggers of Nuffnang and was shocked that their first ever blogger is none other than BryanBoy who blogs about fashion and lifestyle as well. He is quite popular and in fact, he was one of the hosts in ANTM with Tyra Banks! He is controversial as well and the issues he is having is extreme I don't want to have.

So to answer your question and my question as well, here are some things we need to do if we are aspiring to be a featured blogger in Nuffnang.

1. Have an awesome blog. Well this is a must for everyone. Crappy blog is a no-no so you must know how to tweak HTMLs even in notepad. Unfortunately, Blogspot's theme is not that good compared to wordpress so you really have to teach yourself how to design your blog especially the header and color combination.

2. Update it regularly. For starters, you must update your blog everyday for search engine purposes but for 6 months bloggers, try to update it 3 to 4 times a week. Scheduled post is the key!

3. Content is a King. Don't just update your blog regularly with crappy post, try to make it worth reading by your audience. For me, I prefer reading a blog post about what happened to your day than reading about products you use or I must say paid posts. 

4. Post photos. Original Photos. Photos are your savior! It's like people will stay longer in your blog if you have something to show them. Trust me, people like seeing photos than reading every word in your blog post.

5. Learn how to use Photoshop. This is connected to #4 because people like seeing photos in your blog post but they love seeing awesome photos. You know what I mean? I tried to scan the featured bloggers in Singapore and they have one thing in common, they know how to manipulate photos in Photoshop. It's like if you don't look good then use it. It will help you a lot.

6. Be controversial. You know Xiaxue? The most famous Singaporean blogger and earning thousands of dollars in just one sponsored blog post? She is controversial because of her previous posts, she also got in a blogger fight and featured in different local magazines because of her plastic surgeries. People loves her but some hates her so much. Oh well, bad publicity is still a publicity.

7. Blog about Nuffnang, blog for Nuffnang. I think this point is very important because if you want to be noticed by Nuffnang, you must blog about them and support them no matter what. Join their contests and win! That's the most effective way of being noticed. It's like you are shouting "Hey Nuffnang, I am here and I am awesome! Now, feature me!"

Because of this blog post, I decided to have my very own project here on my blog. I will call it, #ProjectNuffnangPhilippines where I will be posting some entries about Nuffnang and of course, my main goal is to be noticed and finally, to be featured by them. 

For me, this is gonna be a win-win situation because the more I blog about this, the more chances of getting exposures and traffic as well. I know there are tens or hundreds of Filipino bloggers who are dreaming of becoming the next Nuffnang Featured Blogger right? 

So follow me in this project and let's see if I will succeed. See you on top, Dreamers!
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