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Cheap Alert!

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Best things in life are free or discounted. That's what I learned from my mom since she is very frugal and even if she is living in Belgium now, she would rather save money than spend on things she wants there and she can't help herself not to convert the amount of euro to peso so at the end of the day, she saves more.

Because of her, it's very natural for me to become frugal as well. I'd rather save money than going out and spend lot of money for unnecessary things but once in a while, I am also spending big time for myself especially if I am burnt out from work which is really legit.

And guess what, without noticing, I am also blogging about cheap things that eventually made my blog known for people alike.

It's funny because today, I realized that majority of my blog readers are either looking for cheap shoes or cheap teeth braces and I am receiving lots of emails regarding their concerns.

So I decided to blog more about it More cheap stuff more visitors and with that, I earn more! Imagine this, blogging about cheap stuff will give me more money to buy cheap stuff for me to blog. Does that make sense? lol

Anyway, if you are looking for uber affordable household items, you might want to visit American Bazaar located in Glorietta 5.

I have been there and I was like "OMG! I need to buy this, I need to buy that! I want to buy each of their item!"

In the end, I was able to buy an all-purpose cleaner for my bunny's poop and pee outside my room for only 88 pesos, hair conditioner for 88 pesos and an air freshener for only 66 pesos!

American Bazaar is offering these imported cheap stuff that is mainly helpful for those frugal moms out there. Price starts at 66 pesos! Holy Mother of Cheapos!

If ever you are going to visit them, do not forget to bring your own paper bag because they don't have plastic bags anymore and that is the main reason why I was not able to buy tons of items because I need to travel for 2 hours from Makati to Manila and I can't carry heavy things in MRT and LRT.

There you go, expect more blog entries from me guys. ;) Kind of busy in writing for my technology blog. Ciao!

P/S If you want me to feature your products or services as long as it is cheap/ affordable, feel free to email me at!

Image source. Thanks so much! If you have concerns about it, give me a line. 

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