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Zambales Trip 2014

cabangan zambales 2014
I am the happiest person right now because finally, I am approved for my vacation leave and I will spend it in Zambales, my beautiful and peaceful hometown. 

I was not able to go home for Christmas and New Year so I am gonna make sure that every moment will count as I spend quality time with my grandparents. As early as now my grandparents is asking me for foods I want to eat when I get there. So excited!!!

Well, I am gonna be there for 3 days and I am planning to have a photowalking session there using my new phone app, vscocam

2 more days and I am out of here! lol! Need to sleep now, thanks for reading! I will do my best to write scheduled posts so you can still see some updates. Right now, I must admit that I don't have a life. I mean no recent eat outs or even simple selfie session. Btw, I already changed by hair color from blue to jet black. I feel so normal and boring. 

Til next time, Dreamers! 
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