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Thought about SmartBro Wimax Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

I am really sorry for the lack of update guys, right now I am pissed and disatisfied with my current internet provider; SmartBro that offer me their Wimax at a starting price of 499 pesos a month. Well I was overwhelmed with their promo that time because for 499, you can get your very own unlimited internet connection! I was a broadband user that pay 50 pesos everyday for an unlimited connection for my blog and some other stuff I do online. 

If I remember it correctly, I opened my SmartBro account July of 2013 and i must say that they provide me outstanding internet experience like I can check my blogs everyday, ream my email and connect to my online friends whenever I want to.

Not until this week after my 4 day vacation in Zambales. When I got home, I hurriedly opened my laptop because I am expecting a lot of emails and blogging concerns to reply to. I also invested money to some websites that I need to check regularly for me to get my money back with an interest, unfortunately, I always get disconnected for every 5 to 10 minutes. I tried to put my wimax device in different part of my room hoping to get a better signal but to no attempt, nothing work. 

I also tried to call Smart Communication's customer service via *1888 but their agents were so dumb. The first one hung up on me. The second one told me that they have system issue so they can't pull out my account; her name is Jayo but she can't provide me her employee ID or even last name for reference. The third agent also told me that they have tools issue. Take note that I called them each day! So they have system downtime for 2 consecutive days? if that is true, it only shows that they are 100% incompetent!

But I am under the impression that they put a special instruction on my account that restricts them on helping me out. Dirty work scammers!

Then I just read something about this so called Fair Usage Policy or FUP. It's where they will cap your connection once you reach a specific amount of gigabyte.

I tried changing my MAC address but it is not working anymore. I also use my other laptop for my router but also failed so right now, I can't think of some ways how to uncap my wimax device.

I also decided to file a complaint to NTC's website about it and hopefully, they can do something about it. I am begging you NTC, please do something about it.

I am also under the impression that when I opened my smart account for wimax 499, I thought that it has no contract but right now, they are saying that it actually has 2 year contract! My god I am stuck with them for 2 years! I am also planning not to pay them anymore and I don't give a dang if they block me or whatevs (good thing is we don't have credit report).

If you are also experiencing the same thing, you might want to take the iniative to file a complaint against them. You can visit NTC's website for public concerns here. You can also like the page on Facebook with 6,000++ members against this Smart myBro's FUP. 

Be heard. Tell us your stories/ experiences so somehow, people will know how disgusting it is to have a Smart Telecommunications as your service provider. 
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