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SmartBro Wimax Journal of a Dissatisfied Customer

This is the second part of my entry about my disgust about SmartBro Wimax/ Smart Communications or whatever you call them because of the service I am getting from them as a customer. 

The main reason why I am really upset about them is because of their Fair Usage Policy or what they also call as FUP. It is where you reach your limit of internet usage (60 GB per month) and they lower down the speed of your internet despite the fact that they are advertising UNLIMITED INTERNET SURFING!

Isn't it aggravating when you are paying your monthly bill without a miss or delay and the fact that it is included in my monthly budget that is supposed to be for something more important like brand new clothes or shoes or savings for my car. And the money that I am paying is from my hard work, I just don't poop the money out just to pay my bills -- I hope you understand my point Smart Communications because I am really upset right now.

I have to check my blogs, read my emails and do stuff for my work online and I entrusted my virtual world with you guys. But what are you doing with your customers? 

You are over promoting your product to the point of giving free groceries or GC's for new customers without ensuring that you can keep them in the long run.

I opened my account since July if my memory serves me right so that was 6 months ago and it sucks to admit that I am stuck with your service for over a year! Well guess what, one day I will just stop paying my bill and I don't care if you send me collection emails or letters! I just don't care anymore!

If you are also having the same experience, you can like the facebook page against FUP of SmartBro wimax or canopy. 

Expect more updates about my bad experience under Smart's service and I hope someone from them reads this so they can do something about it. 
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