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RC Helicopter from Tmart Review

rc helicopter from
Dreams do really come true. That's what I have said  upon receiving the email of of my friends from Tmart, an online store that offers discounted items and I must say cheap items.

Just a heads-up, Tmart is based in London and orientated themselves as one of the leading e-marketplace that offers electronic materials for individuals or business; both small and large. 

Since I was a kid, I really want to have my very own RC Helicopters. Take note that I always stop and look at these helicopters being controlled by their operators at the mall and doing that makes me want to buy one. Here in the Philippines, it's quite expensive for a toy like 1,000 pesos in Toy Kingdom but in Tmart, you can buy it for a cheaper price and yes, they ship worldwide.

unboxing my RC helicopter from Tmart

Un-boxing my dream toy, RC Helicopter! I really want to thank Tmart for sponsoring this awesome flying toy!

I love my RC helicopter

What I love about this RC Helicopter is it is very easy to control. Just read everything in the user's manual and you will be good. 

The steps are very simple like putting the battery on the infrared remote control then the correct positions while playing the helicopter. No rocket-science at all! And for kids, make sure that you are with adult if it is your first time playing this.

If you like the same RC helicopter as mine, just go to and type Tmart TT66 2Channel Infrared Remote Control Helicopter Blue on the search box. 

For me, this would be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for Kids because if my mom bought me my own RC before, I might go nuts! 

As for me, my dream of having an RC Helicopter came true already but right now, what I am dreaming to have from Tmart is one of these sophisticated briefcases 

fashionable briefcases from Tmart
Oh please, I want to have of these! I personally like the third item on top; very fashionable indeed and perfect for my OOTDs after work.

So there, if you are looking for unique items for a gift to your loved ones, don't forget to visit Tmart for the most affordable items online!
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