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My Very Own Globe Project Wonderful 2014 Entry

globe project wonderful 2014 entry
I was blog hopping when I saw these creative posts of my co-bloggers about this Globe Project Wonderful 2014 where they are asking one simple question: “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?

I think for a moment and realized, this is not just a simple question. In fact, it's a tough one. And I can't come up with an idea and it challenges me. So after few hours, I finally made it. I have an answer... 

Well, my unofficial answer was kind of childish though but this is the very first thing that touched my mind. 1 million pesos for every family in the Philippines. But I also thought that money can change everything and this might bring chaos to the country so no. Not this answer.

globe project wonderful 2014

Enlightenment. I know this is a profound word and very hard to achieve in life but people in Europe does in the mid- 17 and 18th century. Lumières is the french term for the word.

I want to shed this to our Leaders. From the President to even the smallest organization in town. I want them to be enlightened that leading people is not all about them and it will never be!

Leading people is not not all about decision making, instructing people what to do and earning money. 

It seems that Leaders these days don't have the heart in leading. They lead because of the things they will get from it. Money, money and bunch of money!

In my job, I always talk to people in the US and sometimes, they ask something about the Philippines; about how lovely it is, beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenes but they can disregard the fact that Philippine Government is indeed corrupted.

Somehow, there is this pain in my chest knowing the fact that it is known globally and cannot conceal anymore.

I know shedding light to these Leaders is almost impossible but come to think of it, if everyone especially to our young leaders, get the chance of being enlightened about the essence of leading people to a wonderful nation, Philippines will be very successful with great ideas and money will never be an issue anymore.


What about you little dreamer, if you were give the chance to give one thing to the Philippines, what would it be?

Share us your answer and get the chance to win an iPad- mini 2. I will personally choose the winner if this post will be chosen by our Nuffnang folks. 

globe project wonderful and nuffnang
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