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Lunar Halo: That Circle around the Moon in Zambales

lunar halo zambales philippines 01-14-2014
I have been googling about this circle that surrounds the moon above our house for 2 consecutive days now. I noticed it on the 13th or January and last night as well and it was magical!

Since I am in the province and my data signal is not that strong, I was not able to google what it means. I thought it was another effect of global warming since that was the very first time I saw a halo around the moon.

Then last night, it became viral! So experts say that the circle around the moon is called "Lunar Halo" and it usually happens if there are clouds around the moon with icy particles that is creating the optical illusion of having this very magical halo around it.

Lunar Halo is not a once in a lifetime phenomena, in fact you can see it in 100 days in the calendar as long as it is cold or there is a chance of raining or snowing.

For those people who are wondering if there is a chance to snow in the Philippines because of these icy particles on the clouds around the sun, that I am not sure because the weather is changing rapidly and there are places in the world that are getting ample amount of snow lately. So who knows right? Thinking about snow here is quite wonderful but there are tons of disadvantages for everyone so I don't want that to happen ever! Maybe if I want to experience snow, then I will go to Korea or some countries nearby that have snow.

In Zambales, we were able to witness moon halo in 2 consecutive nights. It was magical indeed!

Have you seen the lunar halo in your area? How was it? Did you make a wish under the halo? I am asking because I did. ;)

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