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Late Post about my Zambales Trip

I am sorry for the late post, it's just that my schedule at work was crazy for the last 2 weeks and that ruined my plans! And maintaining several blogs is not really that easy because there are days where I must only focus on one of my blogs because it is the one getting a huge amount of traffic and it means huge amount of money as well. Greedy much I know but I also have needs y'know!

Anyway, these are some pics I took during my stay in Zambales. 

our house in san rafael cabangan zambales
Our house in Zambales. This is where I grew up and stayed for my high school days. It's is along the hi-way so if you see it, say hi to my grandparents! 

killer parrot
Remember my post about this green little parrot? It's a killer green bird! Trust me.

Of course, I love roaming our backyard and capturing beautiful photos of my grampa's roses and other plants around the corner.

grampa's pink flower in zambales
This is one of favorite flowers in our backyard. I think this is bougainvillea, I am not sure if I spelled it correctly though. It's been there since I was a kid and kind of cool to think that it is still right there after all typhoons we had during the past few years. Kind of part of my childhood as well. This is also my wallpaper right now.

red roses in cabangan zambales
Beautiful red roses somewhere in Cabangan Zambales where I bought pizza and halo-halo for our snack. LC's Eatery is the name of the place btw.

creepy kid in LC's Eatery cabangan ambales
This freaked me out! I mean look at the face of this kid, so creepy! LC's Eatery in Cabangan, Zambales has this beautiful garden in front of the store. Very refreshing!

san rafael cabangan zambales
I love capturing photos like this. Silhouette photography, that's what I am calling this. Photo taken in front of our balcony where I love to stay when I am stressed way back in HS. 

There you go, I finally able to upload my photos to my Flickr account. I was trying to do it yesterday but my internet was so slooooow. Blame my ISP guys. Blame them! lol!

Okay, back to reality. Time to do the laundry now. Work mode again later tonight! 

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