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Oh hey guys! This is gonna be a very quick post about things happening lately. Despite the fact that I am really upset about my internet service provider which is Smart Telecommunications (Thanks so much for making me feel like sh*t for 4 days and also to the bunch of Customer Service Representatives I talked to who did nothing but to tell me that they were having system downtime for 2 consecutive days! Very incompetent!)

Anyway, is keeping me busy this past few days. I am busy participating with their forum section to be noticed by advertisers. 

If you love writing as much as I do, and writing essays is one of your favorite things to do way back in college up until now, then I suggest you to create your own account and start writing to earn money online.

At first, it is kind of confusing on how and where to start but their forum section is really helpful. Read their terms and conditions as well just to be sure.

I will be posting my experience and earnings from here on my blog once I received any.

But as of right now, I will keep on writing and reading and browsing their site to familiarize with everything! Ciao dreamers! Til next time!
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