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Busy for a New Blog!

Happy New Year to everyone! This is going to be my very first post for the year 2014 and I am so happy because the holiday season is finally over! Don't get me wrong about this but in times like this, I tend to become too emotional because of the setting of my work where we don't have the luxury to enjoy Christmas and New Year at home with our loved ones.

Yes, we have to work while everyone is having fun and getting cozy at home sipping a hot cup of coffee. And when I am too emotional, I cry a lot and there are lots of things happening in my mind like why do I need to work on holidays, do I deserve what is happening now, or how cruel life is and finally, quitting. But hey! I already survived. Holidays are over and there is no reason for me to frown. Besides, as I work during Christmas and New Year, I am filthy rich on my next payday baby! lol! AND YES! I DESERVE THIS! And life is not that cruel because I can always have a vacation now that crucial days at the office are over and I can always treat my grandparents in Zambales and have a mini Christmas and NY celebration over again. 

Speaking of being busy for a new blog (I will post quality articles first before I launch it), I decided to put up a new blog. This time, it is a magazine blog where I feature almost everything; from sports to fashion. 

This blog will definitely test my writing skills and I will prove that I can write in different styles (more formal for matured readers).

I will launch it once it is indexed by Google already. 

Gotta go now because I need to post something on my new blog. Will visit your blogs tomorrow! See you around dreamers!

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