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Blame my SmartBro Internet Service!

Hey guys! I was about to upload all the pics I took during my vacation in Zambales unfortunately, my internet connection won't allow me to upload them to my flickr account.

It's not that I am trying to find a way not to update this blog well in fact, I was way too excited to begin writing all about my stay in my hometown. I am telling you guys, I have great pics here in my laptop waiting to be shared to the world!

I think we should all blame my smartBro super slow internet connection. You knowwhat, I should not be having problems like this because I am paying 999 pesos for an unlimited internet for a month but what is happening is, once you reach a certain amount of internet data transfer, your connection will be slower or cannot connect at all. I am calling it unlimited internet with hidden limitations. 

I think I should make a new portion here on my blog about my internet connection because I already posted something similar to this like my journal of a dissatisfied customer and my thoughts about this policy of smartBro.

I don't consider this as a hate post against Smart Communications, I think I am just voicing out for my right as a customer who entrusts my virtual activities to their company and I deserve more than this. And i am pretty sure that I am not the only one experiencing things like this and as a blogger, it is my duty to speak up for those who can't (whoa! I feel like a superhero now).

So there you go, I just wrote a lengthy post about why we should blame my internet service provider for not uploading the pics I took in Zambales. 

Well, there is always a next time for that. If you are also experiencing an unstable internet connection and you are using smartBro wimax or canopy, broadcast a line to their twitter account @SMARTCares. They don't listen or care to reply anymore but at least, other people will and that matters!

I know I hate posting blog entries without photos but again, blame my internet provider! 

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