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uniqlo petite male model
Today, I am going to feature what I wore during our department's Christmas Party that was held at TGI Fridays. I love attending our dept's party because it's like the only time where I see my office mates loosen up from work and wear fancy clothes.

The theme of the party was Teen Choice Awards so it's a casual teen wear ~ not something that is beyond Oscar's award outfit, meaning to say, not overly dressed.
I googled Teen Choice Awards to see what celebrities are wearing during the event and I saw something like this.

teen choice awards one direction outfit
credits to
See? It's something that I'd wear everyday for a walk at the mall. Not fancy at all.

That is why I decided to wear clothes inspired by One Direction. lol! That was the first time I wore something that is not fitted to my body and it feels really weird.

petite male model philippines uniqlo penshoppe bench model
I am wearing: BENCH white t-shirt with architecture prints | PENSHOPPE black and red jacket | UNIQLO black semi stretch pants | BENCH shoes | UNIQLO watch

To be honest, this is an outfit that I don't really like. Most of my friends even my Boss told me that I was too simple for the event knowing that I was nominated as one of the Male Fashion Forward.

Since I was there with this simple look, I still tried to work it out. Too bad I did though.

But all in all, the party was great. The place is kind of small to accommodate all of us but I still had fun because I was with my friends all night.

The pretty lad who is with me on the pic above is Kissie, she's also a blogger and one my my closest friends. She blogs about foods she eat and make-ups she use. 
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