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Trying to love my blue hair

asian filipino blue hair guy

Oh hey there! It's weekend and it my off today and tomorrow so expect frequent updates from me since I need to do this because I need money from my future sponsors because I am running out of virtual money! Mygawd! How do I supposed to pay my domain by next year? I don't to give up my dotcom yet! So if you are looking for amazing blogger who can help you in promoting your business, contact me okay? lol! I am so desperate now.

I just want to update you with me newest hair color.... BLUE!!! Well, I am not sure if this is what I like because it looks so ordinary. I mean it's still blue but when I am inside our house or at the mall, it's not really that obvious. I admit, I like it when people are looking at my hair because it's different and I achieved that when I was bleached blonde!

Later tonight, I am going to attend our Christmas party at SMX Convention Center and there's gonna be so much people from different sites. Let's see if I can pull this blue hair off. 
blue hair or blonde hair?
I posted the same pic above on my facebook wall and my friends said that it looks so much better. What do you think? Did I make a wrong move? I am kind of disappointed but I will do my best to embrace this. lol So much drama for a hair!

If you wanna have the same hair color as mine, you should bleach it first because blue dye won't take effect to a dark or brown hair. It takes lots of effort just to look good- somehow. lol!

with lotsa love, Deej
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