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The Giveaway Team x Deej

If you are expecting a selfie/ rant type of post for today, well, I am sorry but you are definitely wrong because this post is about my collaboration with some pretty bloggers who are very thankful for this year and of course wishing another awesome year ahead!

There are lots of things for me to be thankful this 2013. First is my day job, it's not a perfect job and it's not something that I was expecting but because of that, I met lots of people and learnt lots of things that I will never learn inside a typical corporate company. 

2013 also opened doors for me in the blogging industry. I received sponsored and advertorials from generous clients who paid me more than enough and of course, I am looking forward for another year of blogging (regularly) and getting great deals as well. 

Actually, there are millions of things that made me say THANK YOU this 2013 that is the reason why I joined "The Giveaway Team". I am glad that I am a part of this team and our aim is to provide you the grandest giveaway every month!!!
the giveaway team philippines

Killer banner ever!

So I will introduce you..... THE GIVEAWAY TEAM!!!!!

{Mary} {Mei} {Nadine} {Mara} {Aisha} {Kai} {Mai} {Janna} {Abe} {Zwitsal} {Irish} {Kei} {Yesha} {Deej} {Monique} {Sol Felice} {Alissa} {Faith} {Angelique} {Mel Lee}

I am so thankful I am on the list with the elite bloggers in the Philippines! hah!

.... And here are the important details. Don't forget to read this okay?

  • This is giveaway will start on Dec. 15 until Jan. 15, 2014.
  • The most number of referred participants will receive $50 worth of ROMWE gift certificate. (If you love shopping the latest high street clothes, then ask your friends to join!)
... Here are the prizes!!!

the giveaway team philippines
the giveaway team philippines

the giveaway team philippines
the giveaway team philippines
Click the link from Rafflecopter for more details and read my next post for some follow up reminders. Thank you so much guys! I don't know you all but thanks for visiting and reading my entries! :*

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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