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Shake Up Your Happiness

There is no other way to spend your weekend at the park. To get in touch with nature, breathe fresh air and somehow, get rid of bad vibes from work. 

But of course, a typical day at the park will be so perfect if you're wearing a simple outfit like this...

simple outfit loookbook guys
I am wearing: Bench V-Neck shirt | Mossimo jacket for scarf | My favorite TIMEX watch | Slim fit blue- green pants from Flea Market | Shoes from BENCH

What I like about this outfit is it is so simple and perfect for this casual day. No need to wear other accessories since I am gonna be sweaty while strolling at the park. 

This V-Neck white shirt from Bench is also a must-have in times like this because it is super comfortable and the material is very light so if ever you perspire a lot, then no need to worry because it will not clog and will feel fresh after a while.

petite male model philippines
A very simple outfit for a typical day at the park.

The colors are also calming. Light colors for a sunny day.
petite male models in manila philippines

So what do you think for my very first outfit post? Well, don't worry because I got bunch of amazing photos at the park. See the behind the scenes on my previous post. Funny moments. And special thanks to my ever supportive mom who took every photo!

Deej, with love.

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