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You all know that I am broke. lol! I mean my Paypal account is kind of broke because I am not getting enough blog projects lately because I am so lazy and inconsistent blogger. I am so jealous to those newbie bloggers (I think 1 year old blogger) who are getting lots of different projects from restaurants, travel agencies and some writing stuff that I terribly need these days. Maybe if I will just update my blog everyday like I used to, I could have gotten those projects too!
My action plan will be, updating my blog at least 3x a week then will do my very best to make it a daily habit.

Anyway, I have been so busy attending parties lately. Last Sunday, I went to SMX for our company's Christmas party, the theme was POP REVOLUTION, as usual, it blows! I mean the foods are tasteless, the guests are local celebs but I don't like them. What I was after is the party after that with my friends. 

deej blue hair
Tryna work out my blue hair. Guess what, I am loving my hair everyday because it gets lighter, lighter and lighter every time I shampoo it! Now, it is really obvious and people are starting to notice it. My manager is calling me "blue guy" now. lol!

deej ecdao filipino celebrity blogger
This is how I walk the red carper with my awesome blue hair and a lollipop! lol! On my previous post, I was not sure if I made the right decision in dying my hair blue but today, I learnt how to embrace it already! The transition is so fast but still, I miss my white blonde hair. 

What do you think of my blue hair? I think, 80% thinks that it is much better and cuter.
Til next time peeps, I am so sleepy now and need to rest for my work tomorrow. 3 more days and I will have all the time to edit some pics and post 100% quality articles here!
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