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Looking for Blogshops for Guys (Clothing and Accessories)

looking for blog shops for guys
The title and the photo above tell it all! To make it long, yes I am looking for blogshops or online stores for guys. I am sick and tired of buying clothes at the mall because they all look the same and everyone have access to those stores so more probably, there is a chance of wearing the same dress in a party and that is ridiculous!

So I decided to try my luck in buying clothes in online stores. I know it is kind of tricky because unlike buying clothes at the mall, you cannot fit it so you cannot determine if it is okay for you or not. I tried it once before, I bought a dress for my mom (her choice) but it ended up too big for her so we also paid for the tailor to alter the fitting of the dress.

But what I like about the items in online shops is that, they are unique. I mean in your area, 2 out of 10 guys only buy items online. They prefer buying in Bench, Penshoppe or other stores at the mall so technically, you can stay cool without spotting other guys wearing the same clothes as yours.

Second is, items there are kind of affordable. Well the difference of the price is not really that high but again, the uniqueness of the items that you are wearing is all secured.

petite filipino male model
I am into fitted clothes so that is going to be my first problem in buying clothes over the internet. Good thing is, I have a trusted tailor who can alter it.

petite male model in the philippines
I am into modeling so wearing cool clothes is a must! And also, I love being unique so I am ready to gamble in the world of online blogshops!

If you have an online shop that sells apparels, accessories and other cool stuff for guys, please share it with us on the comment box below the post. For business inquiries, email me at

Happy online shopping!
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