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Life Lately

life lately
I love my blue hair, femke, airport, taxi mirror
Life lately for me was very sad. This week, there are lots of things happened in the family that will definitely affect everything.

The second pic above is Femke's last pic on my mobile phone. It was taken while we were looking for a cab going to NAIA terminal 1 last Wednesday, 18th of December. My mom and Femke will be going to Belgium for indefinite period of time. It could be 6 months, 1 year or god know when! My mom is very frugal and she will go home if there is more than enough money to spend while they are here in the Philippines.

It's only been 2 days since they flew to Belgium and I think I can't take it. The silence in my room that was used to be like a forest with Femke's laughter and giggles... now it is so silent that I need to turn on my TV even though I am not watching, I just want to hear something or else, I might go nuts!

Third photo is a view from NAIA terminal, I hate going to airports because I hate to see people saying goodbyes, hugging their loved ones before they go abroad, seeing children crying hoping to stop their parents to enter the gate, such a stressful place to be.

Fourth photo is our cab's side mirror with a quote saying "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear". I then recalled the horror film mirror. Nah, random shit while on the way home.

First photo is of course my selca. I love my blue hair now! Everyone is saying that it is much better compared to my white hair and they are suggesting different colors that will suit my personality. Such a head- turner and I love it!

P/S. Sorry for the emo post, I am just really sad. It's like I don't want to work anymore coz all I want to do is to go to Belgium as well. Can someone give me 100,000 pesos now? hihi
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