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Feeling 22!

I don't know about you, but I am feeling 22, everything will be alright if you keep me next to you... haha! Seriously, I am feeling 22 already and that song by Taylor Swift is on my mind right now playing again and again! I am planning to make an instavideo for my birthday tomorrow, the 4th of December!

I was not supposed to post anything today because I still have 4 days for work and I need more energy and sleep. Since tomorrow is gonna be my birthday, I decided to post something. I feel obliged! lol

I was so stupid because I accidentally deleted one of my posts from last week. It was about the behind the scenes of my photo shoot last weekend. Too bad because it was kind of wordy and there are funny pics there as well so I am really sad about it plus there is no way for me to retrieve that! 

ootd jogging luneta
Insert selfie pic here. lol

birthday boy
The Birthday Boy!

Do you believe that I am 22 already? I think I look so young. lol But seriously, I really can't believe that I am gonna be 22 tomorrow! Getting older and older and older. 

I'm not really excited about birthdays because I feel like I am getting too old and that;s a bad thing. Maybe the best birthday gift ever? A time machine where I can go back in time. I mean time is so fast, tomorrow I am 22 then after that without noticing it, I am gonna be 30 then 40 and so on... I think I am just so emotional because I don't like growing up; I don't like one of those corporate people working for their family or career. I just want to feel young and happy with simple things in life.

Well, I am looking forward for new things that will happen this year of my life. I am only 22 and age is but a number right? Who knows, this year, I am gonna be super famous male blogger in the Philippines. lol! Nuffnang please hear me, feature me on your blog! hahaha!

I am very active in LOOKBOOK.NU, people there are so wonderful and stylish and friendly as well. Click my lookbook badge on my sidebar if you are interested to flaunt that style of yours!

This is supposed to be a very short blog entry about my birthday tomorrow but what happened? lol Til next time peeps! 

Deej, with love

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