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Christmas 2013

merry christmas and a happy new year
Hi there! This is gonna be a very quick post since I need to do lots of stuff today since I only have one day of rest for work... again. Poor me.

I just want to greet you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Well for me, this was the second Christmas that I was not able to spend with my Family in Zambales because of my work schedule. Working in a BPO industry is not a joke so for those people who think that it's a source of easy money, well I am sorry but you are all WRONG. In my job, although it's a premium pay during special holiday season like Christmas and New Year, the fact that you are going to spend those days or nights at the office is such a heart-breaker. I don't care about the premium pay; all I want to do is to go back home and spend quality time with the whole clan. And I also miss attending midnight masses in our province. It's a really different feeling back there.

This time of the year, I am getting too emotional and life lately is really really sad now that femke and mom are not here in the Philippines. Although I talk to them almost everyday thru Skype, the feeling is really different and sometimes makes me wanna cry seeing them together in a different side of the globe.

I am also seeing lots of facebook posts about people complaining that their Christmas is boring (although they are with their family) and stuff like that well guess what, there are thousands if not, millions of people who are willing to kill just to be in your place! So be thankful that you are able to spend your Christmas with your family no matter how simple it is.

P/S I know this should be a very quick post but I couldn't help myself not to be too emotional about this season. And sorry for the late updates, too busy at work and some personal related stuff. Will blog about the presents that I got lately on my next update. 
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