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Birthday Sickness


Worst thing to happen during your birthday is to have a flu! Gaaah! I know, I am the unluckiest birthday boy ever! Well, it's not  something serious; what happened was my throat hurt like hell! I can't even swallow my own saliva and thanks to not-so-helpful Strepsils that I bought at our office's pantry that make everything worse! I think it's the newest product of Strepsils, the extra strong that is orange in color but no effect at all!

Sad thing was, my mom cooked all of my fave foods that day unfortunately, I was not able to eat that much. Well, I tried to taste everything bit it was the worst feeling ever! Our company's doctor said that my throat was very red and kind of sore already so it's quite normal that I can't talk or swallow but I really tried my best to eat everything! haha!

What I did to heal my sore throat during my birthday was I gargled Bactidol and warm water with salt one after the other plus lemon juice, vitamin-C and med for a flu since I was feeling kind of weak already. After that, I woke up with a little pain in my throat and was able to work already! 

On a brighter side, although I spent my birthday at the office working my ass off, I was overwhelmed with facebook greetings and of course my office mates also greeted me personally including my Manager who gave me a birthday gift. I feel very special. hihi
gigantic burger pillow so cute
Photo from my instagram! I post too much selfie y'know. Follow me on IG (deejtheblogger) if you like seeing more of my face and bleached hair. lol I know it's pointless but hey, I follow back! lol
cutie gigantic burger pillow from my lovely manager! She's so kind. Love her!

deej birthday cake
Thanks pretty Cams! We were not able to light the candle because the sprinkler in our office might be activated. huhu Oh, how I love blowing birthday cake candles. 

I also received a cake from my best friend, Cams. So sweet of her. Last year, she waited for me just to give me her present and also a cake. I am so lucky meeting these good people.

Sometimes, it made me think if I really deserve those things. 

All in all, my birthday was 95% awesome! From the bottom of my heart, 


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with love, Deej
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