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2014 Resolutions

I know it's a little bit early to post my 2014 resolutions but I am seeing a lot of bloggers publishing their posts already so why not? I love reading resolutions as they inspire me to do more this 2014. But first of all, let's take a look on my resolutions on the previous years. 2010 and 2011 resolutions. And I was too busy in 2012 that is why I was not able to make one. Well, its really fun re-reading those posts as they turn back time for me. 

2013 for me was okay. Things got all mixed up. A lot of things happened like my anniversary as an employed taxpayer, new line of business, new friends, night-outs and a lot more! It didn't work out for me this December because there are lots of things that happened like mom and Femke's flight to Belgium that makes me sadder and sadder every single day; makes me want to quit everything and just fly there with them but that is not easy. I need money and lots of time waiting for my documents to be approved. 

So without further adieu, here is my 2014 resolutions:
  1. Stay strong and positive. We all know that life lately for me was not that good. There are things in life that just happened so quick you can't turn it back and just redo everything. So this year, I need all the positivity my mind can produce and of course strength I need to continue unravel what life has to offer.
  2. Be healthy and fit. In order for me to do this is to go to gym and avoid eating fast foods because they are bad for my kidney. GYM enrollment maybe first or second week of January after my planned vacation in Zambales, my hometown.
  3. Blog more and be productive online and offline. I was pretty busy working offline in 2013 and I forgot about blogging. Because of that, my rankings got very low, juice is now in a critical level and my google page rank is at stake (I only have PR1 from PR3). So I am planning to blog more, schedule posts and take some time reviewing the hottest places in the metro. More clients and money this 2014! Whooo! And by the way, I am planning to make a new blog. It is like a diary of an empath that I will explain in the next few days.
  4. Read as much as I can. I hate reading e-books because I get dizzy everytime I scroll down pages so I have to buy printed books. They still rock! And I must read "Allegiant" real soon!
  5. Save money, more money. My plan is to buy a car before I reach 25 and I am now 22 so I only have like 3 more years to save money for that! Gawd, so hard to be poor! haha!
  6. Learn to cook. For now, I can only cook rice, instant noodles, hotdog and a not-so-goodlooking sunny side up. I want to learn how to cook my favorite filipino dishes like tinola, sinigang, kare-kare and more!
  7. Stand out. It could be in the blogging world or corporate world. It could be a spot for Nuffnang featured bloggers in 2014 or a promotion at work. So be it!
  8. Stick with my friends... Real friends. Life lately is full of heartbreaks and cryings and I learned a very valuable lesson... that is to stick with the people I love. So to all my friends who are with me through good times and in bad times, thank you so much! 
I also love this article from MEDIUM.COM about the things that we should have known at the age of 20. I bookmarked it and keep on reading for some time now. 

All in all, 2013 made me realized a lot of things and I will do my best to avoid doing what I did that cause tension in the past and also, as one of my supervisors have said before, changes will always be there in life, it could happen in a monthly or weekly basis so be ready for it. DO NOT LOSE HOPE, DO NOT EVER QUIT. Once you surpass it, you become stronger. The more problems or changes you encounter in life, the stronger you become and there are lessons so much to be learned so keep going! #YOLO
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