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Zambales Vacation and Backyard Photos

It's been a while since I last posted here and it really feels good to be on a rest day mode from my hectic work schedule. I know my previous posts are all boring because I am really having a hard time catching up during my work days; it's either I am sleeping, relaxing and watching my fave TV shows (ANTM and American Horror Story) so no need for me to open up my blogger account. I also explained myself about posting blog posts without pictures so as much as possible, my entries should have at least one photo!

Some of you guys were asking for photos during my vacation in Cabangan, Zambales that is a very small town with very simple lifestyle. I grew up there until my senior year in high school so I am pretty much familiar with the place but now, things are different. There are lots of new faces and they think that I am the one who is a tourist!

As per requested, here are some of the pics in my camera. Sorry, I was not able to go to the beach and other cool places because the weather was not that good and I got my stomach upset and flu for like a day or two! Sucks I know!

cabangan zambales,

zambales vacation
Grampa's parrot. We bought it in Quiapo, 2 of them, unfortunately, he decided to be alone forever and killed the other one. Very tragic but he's happy, alive and still flappin'.

cabangan zambales attraction
Random wood shot. They are using it for fire to cook meal. So simple but I like it better!

Of course my Grampa's roses! They are the main attraction in our backyard so I won't let it pass.

Aside from being so sick, I thought I was gonna die, We also celebrated my Grampa's birthday on the 4th and that is the main reason why I went back home as he requested. We just gather like half of the clan, my mom, sisters and aunt were there. So happy!

Hmmm. Barbeque! My favorite! Every gathering, I always request BBQ with veggies like bell pepper, tomato and cucumber. Meats in the province is heavenly delish and fresh!

Don't forget mom's signatured palabok for long life! I just love mom's palabok. I don't eat this before but because of her, I learned how to appreciate it and it's so yummy! :D

goldilocks cake occassion
Birthday celebration will never be the same without a cake! Courtesy of Goldilocks! There is no other brands in our area so Goldilocks it is! 

All in all, I enjoyed my vacation there in Zambales. It is just that, the weather is so extreme like it is so cold in the morning, so hot and humid during the afternoon and raining after that so that affects my system and got an upset stomach and bloated feeling plus a flu! I terribly need vitamins.

Alright, I am gonna end this post with me and my little sister, Femke's photo.

Look at that smile! Awww so cute!

Til next time guys! Ciao! 
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