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My Purple Shampoo is here!

After almost a month of waiting, my purple shampoo is finally here! Well, not really here physically because I need to get it to the post office tomorrow I just received the claim stub earlier.

It was supposed to be delivered on or before the 21st of November and I thought I was fooled by the eBay seller for not shipping my item. Because of that, I already gave them a failing survey. 

Purple shampoo is what I need right now because my white hair is becoming yellowish again. I don't know why but they say that if you have a very dark asian hair and you bleach it, tendency is it will turn out to be yellowish. Sucks!

That is why purple shampoo is very important in times like this to neutralize the color. Unfortunately, there is no purple shampoo available here in the Philippines so I purchased mine on eBay for $15.

loreal purple silver shampoo philippines
This is what I bought: L'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Silver (250ml)
image is credited to RosyChicc

I am going to get my parcel tomorrow at the post office and will use it right away! Based from the reviews, this shampoo is highly concentrated and it might leave your hair dry and purple in color if you don't wash it right away (more than 5 mins).

By the way, this is my hair look like as of yesterday.

filipino bleached hair purple shampoo
Eyebags. lol I know!

Once a week, I am giving my hair a break from any of my hair products such as hair wax. I am also treating it with lots of conditioner almost everyday and keratin treatment as well twice a week! I pity my hair.

Focus on my hair please. hihi It looks whiter still but in person, it's kind of yellowish in color especially the roots! I hate that!

asian bleach hair yellow
See the roots? They are black but there are also this yellowish part! Gaaah! Luckily, I can hide it because I am styling it differently everyday just to hide my hair roots and the yellowish parts. *wink*

All in all, bleaching your hair is pain in the ass. It is expensive. It will fry your hair and will make it super dry. You need to double your care for your hair or else they might break down and fall one day.

If you are planning to bleach your hair, think twice. No, more than 5 times! It is not easy to have and people will say so many things about it. It's your choice though. I mean, I don't care what people might say or think, life is too short and you will never know plus it is so much fun to stand out!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will do my best to respond. 
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