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Hardys: It Gets Better with Time

Do you believe that things are getting better with time? Just like the best wines in the world, they even taste better if they are preserved longer than usual~ the longer, the better.

Just like friendship. It is very easy to make friends but keeping true friends is the hardest because it takes time... Lots of it! Six months is not even enough to test the value of friendship that you have but one thing is for sure; the more you bond with them, talk to them, laugh, party and even tell your darkest secrets, the higher the chance of building the true value of friendship!

call center friends, party, elites pinoy, asian
My friends and I chilling somewhere in Makati. It's not a high-end bar but as long as I am with these girls, it feels like I am in Ibiza partying like there is no tomorrow.

deej ecdao, party, pinoy elite model
One hell of a night with my friends as we try to unwind and bond and make our connection even stronger!

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I am sure Hardys can relate to this because they have been making quality wines for 160 years now (I did the math and it shows that they have been here since 1853)! If we are talking about time, well Hardys takes the award! 

Speaking of awards, did you know that Hardys got more than 3,000 awards and they are also one of the pioneers in making great wines from all over the world! World class indeed. Aside from that, they have been passing the title of a winemaker from Thomas Hardy to the latest one, Bill Hardy! Cool huh!

What made them very popular these days is those different brands that are also well known and have strong appeal across a wide range of consumers!

So this coming holiday season, don't forget to have your own set of wine only from Hardys! If you want to get updates from them, feel free to like them on Facebook!

"It Gets Better with Time"

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